A documentary film of the disaster area “Radio and Debris”. Story to be seen for 20 years and more.

A documentary film titled “Radio and Debris” started road-show in Tokyo on April. The film, which reports an FM radio station in Minami Sanriku Town, will be sequentially screened across the country of Japan.

At press conference: Mr. Koji Yakusho (right), a famous actor who served as the narrator of the movie at no cost, and Mr. Kudo (left) who headed the FM Minasan team.

The story was set at around a radio station, “FM Minasan (everybody)” which had been inaugurated in the disaster area in Minami Sanriku town in May, 2011. All the nine members, who were hired as temporary staff of the town, were amateurs in the radio broadcasting field, but they were working so hard in the unfamiliar field to make many listeners smile. The warm voices from the FM radio were becoming a source of energy for listeners to keep up their spirits to live even in the tragedy of losing homes and families.

A movie keeps enabling the story sharing for a long term

Prior to the public release, Mr. Hironori Kudo, who had lead the team of “FM Minasan” said, “We want to let people across Japan and the world know the tragic disasters we experienced in 2011.”

Mr. Taro Umemura, a CM planner and the co-director of the movie continued filming besides his own business. He believed and thought that the movie, by its nature, would be seen by people for quite a long time, 10 years, than 20 years or even more.”

What Tohoku tells all over Japan and the worl

The operation period of FM Minasan was limited to March, 2012. The latter part of the movie shows “Departure Ceremony” that has been performed by the radio station team and broadcasted live all the area of Minami Sanriku. “Even if good memories were drained by the tsunami, you may create a new good memory.” The team’s desire was to let all the listeners to smile and to encourage many people as possible to take a step forward. Their strenuous efforts and attitudes geve the audience a question “why and for what people are to work”.

The radio was being broadcasted from public gymnasium since right after the disaster

Two years having passed since the catastrophic disaster in Tohoku region, a level of interest in the tragedy is being decreased outside of Tohoku. It’s unavoidable. However, there must be a lot of things still left to let the other part of Japan and the world know from Tohoku.

Work, thoughts of the home town, families, hopes of the future, and many other things relating to human life are contained in the movie. Everyone who watches the movie must be finding his or her own life story and will restart powerfully stepping forward along with it.

Written in Japanese by riepompom
English translation by Akio Saito


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