Rikuzentakata Sake Brand “Yukikko” production resumed at new Sake Brewery

New sake brewery of Suisen in Ofunato

New sake brewery of Suisen in Ofunato

Overcoming various difficulties caused by the catastrophic disaster of Tohoku Earthquake on March 11, 2011, Suisen, a 200-year-old sake brewery in Rikuzentakata city, is now coming back to normal operations in a neighboring city of Ofunato, together with the famous sake brand of “Yukikko”.

Several months after the earthquake, Suisen restarted its operation at a rented brewery facility in Ichinoseki city, which is over 60 km away from Rikuzentakata. The reopening had come true with the Japanese national government subsidy to complete the 5 month construction of new sakagura or a sake brewery.

Yasuaki Kaneno, President of Suisen says, “Though we could restart the business, we need a while to be back to full operation. Many things such as new machine setup, adjustments, trainings are still left undone”. Nevertheless the reopening made it easier for Suisen employees to commute compared with a long co-ride to get the Ichinoseki brewery.

In addition to Yukikko, Suisen plans to increase its production to cover 70% of sake lineups that Suisen used to brew before the earthquake.

Followed by the reopening in Ofunato, Suisen plans to have its headquarters, warehouses and other facilities back to the home town to continue to be a Rikuzentakata-based sake brewer.

“Time has passed so fast for the last one and half years. Thanks to many people for the great support, we now have the superb factory. We will have to express our sincere appreciation to all the people who helped us revive by working harder other than just by living up to the beautiful facility.”, Mr. Kaneno told his resolution.

We look forward to enjoying Suisen Sake brewed at the new sakagura.


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